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How is nummular dermatitis diagnosed?

An experienced dermatologist can easily identify nummular dermatitis. You can visit the ClearSkin London clinic for skin condition diagnosis. Call 020 71833648 to book an appointment or get more information regarding nummular dermatitis. The following are undertaken when you visit our dermatology clinic London:

  • An examination of your skin is done first, and a swab of the sores may be taken to rule out or confirm the presence of an infection.
  • If our diagnosis reveals your problem is only an allergy, we may recommend patch testing. It is a skin test to discover what allergies your skin is sensitive to.
  • If after treatment of nummular dermatitis, and the sores still remain on your skin, patch testing will also be recommended, as the presence of an allergy could prevent the sore from clearing entirely from the skin.

How is nummular dermatitis treated?

It is recommended you see a dermatologist London once the first symptoms of sores appear. Make an important with our Dermatology clinic so treatment can begin early. Once the skin problem is diagnosed, we advise you on the following steps:

  • First, you protect your skin from getting scraped, cut, or injured in any other way. Any further skin injury bears the risk of worsening nummular dermatitis.
  • Make sure your skin is regularly hydrated. At least once a day, treat yourself to a 20-minute lukewarm bath, not too cold and not too hot. Keep a moisturiser on hand while you bathe, and apply within 3 minutes of getting out of the water. The moisturiser softens your skin while still damp, and helps hydrates it. It also relieves the itch and scaling from the sores.

Should you add bath oil to the water while bathing?

Good bath oil could soften your skin even more, and hydrate the dry pores, but some oils could irritate your skin, and worsen nummular dermatitis. So if you will use bath oil, it should be one recommended by our experts or a certified dermatologist London.  All medications should be used as directed by the prescription.

What medicines are prescribed to you for treatment?

  • We recommend corticosteroid ointments and tar creams, to reduce inflammation and the itch.
  • An antibiotic also, if a bacterial skin infection is present in the sores.
  • An oral antihistamine could be taken to help you sleep.

If nummular dermatitis is widespread, additional treatment may be needed, including:

  • Medicated dressings, such as bandages to cover up the wounds and let it heal.
  • Phototherapy (treatment with light).
  • Oral antibiotics
  • Systemic corticosteroids, taken through the mouth or injected
  • Also a bed rest in a cool and moist room. A damp temperature is recommended, so a humidifier can be employed to keep the room moist.

What is the result of the treatment?

If effectively treated, nummular dermatitis could be cleared completely from the skin. The sores on the lower limbs, such as the thighs, legs, and feet being more stubborn, will take a longer time to heal. When healed, they tend to leave spots of darker or lighter patches on the skin.

How long does the skin take to clear after treatment?

You can get clear skin within a year or even less. Some other people’s skin takes longer, and some keep the patches for years. In some cases, patches could return even after the skin has fully cleared. These new patches usually will appear in the same places as the old.

How can you manage nummular dermatitis?

There is always the risk of nummular dermatitis returning, even after your skin is fully cleared. To prevent this, we recommend the following:

  • Moisturise your skin no less than once a day, preferably after bathing, as the skin is damp and its pores are not dry. Make an appointment with us; our expert dermatologist London could recommend some moisturising products that will not irritate your skin.
  • Avoid any activity that will dry, heat or irritate your skin. Any of the above could revive the treated nummular dermatitis, and cause it to worsen.
  • Spend no less than twenty minutes in bathe or shower, and always shower with lukewarm water. Do not expose yourself to heat or sit next to a fire, and use a humidifier to keep the room moist.
  • Don’t use soap when bathing. A mild, gentle cleanser is better for your body, and will not dry your skin.
  • Avoid wearing any loose clothing or any rough fabric, as this could irritate your skin.

With proper treatment, nummular eczema can be made to clear from the skin. It is important you make an appointment with a dermatologist as soon as the early signs appear.

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