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Only a badly damaged skin from ultraviolet rays can show actinic keratosisif you are one of those who are diagnosed with AKs, dermatologists in London recommend you

  • Protect yourself from the sun by avoiding the midday sun and using sunscreen everyday even when it is cloudy. Wearing clothes that cover too can help protect you from the direct rays of the sun.
  • Avoid the use of tanning beds, lamps, and other indoor tanning devices to prevent being exposed to the UV rays they emit.
  • Have frequent checkups with the dermatologist so that the presence of abnormal clothing can be noticed early and treated accordingly.
  • Avoid skipping appointments with the dermatologist so that you can be treated appropriately, and new cases of AKs or skin cancer can be treated too before it gets too late.
  • Be conscious of the fact that new AKs may develop and be careful enough to notice it so that they can be treated early.


Our dermatology clinic in Harley, London, can treat AKs and cure squamous cell carcinoma at an early stage. You can visit us for diagnosis and treatments. Book an appointment with us by calling 020 71833648. You can also visit us at First Floor, 117A Harley St, Marylebone, London W1G 6AT, UK to meet with our dermatologists.