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How we Treat Contact Dermatitis

Both types of dermatitis are treated the same way, and below are some of the ways our dermatology clinic London treats dermatitis.

Avoid the root cause: You will be advised to avoid what is causing the rash. If this will be a difficult task, ask the dermatologist for help.

For instance, if you are a health worker who must wear latex gloves and you are allergic to it, our dermatologist at Harley Street London would refer you to another type of glove that is safe for you. Protective barrier cream and clothing will also be recommended if you work outdoors where there are poisonous ivy.

Treat the Rash: The rash will automatically clear off when the cause is avoided.

The following would be recommended to relieve your symptoms:

  • Bathe at least once daily for one to two weeks.

Bathing with oatmeal will also help to relieve the discomfort and itch.

  • In cases of severe reaction where you have a rash on most parts of your body, your face swells or you have lots of swellings, the dermatologist in London will prescribe a strong medication like prednisone. Follow the prescription strictly to prevent the risk of another flare.

You can soothe oozing and crusting skin by a wet dressing. The dermatologist in London will tell you how to do these at home if it is recommended. Antibiotics will be prescribed for you if you have an infection.

Dermatology clinics London also make use of light treatment to calm the immune system of some patients; if you avoid the cause of the rash, this allergic reaction will go away. Most people skins get cleared within 1 to 3 weeks.

If the cause of the rash is poison sumac, poison oak, or poison ivy, clearing may take a longer time; the rash may persist for six weeks if that is the first time you are coming in contact with the plant. If you get another rash caused by this same plant, the rash might last for 10 to 21 days.

When your skin is clear, continue avoiding the cause of the rash and if it does not clear, contact the dermatologist in London, and extra help will be given to you.

Systemic Contact Dermatitis

Systemic contact dermatitis occurs when you develop rash without touching an allergen; this happens when the substance you are allergic to gets inside your body. Ways through which the allergy can get into your body are:

  • Use of birth control like spermicides and IUD that contains allergens
  • Injecting or inhaling medicines that contain the allergen
  • Eating foods that contain the allergen

In rare cases, people develop a rash because of the fillings in their mouth that contain mercury. This rash stops when a dentist replaces this filling without mercury.

It is challenging trying to find everything that contains the allergen, the dermatologist in London will help you by listing out things you have to avoid, and this list can vary from region to region.

Effects of Contact Dermatitis

You can prevent flare-ups if you avoid the triggers. You can still avoid a rash even if you work with substances that cause the rash. The dermatologist in London will recommend ways you can use these products while working.

Close to 90% of people diagnosed with occupational dermatitis have managed the condition successfully and recovered without any complication.