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Treatment of ichthyosisVulgaris

There has not been recorded any cure for ichthyosisVulgaris. However, treatment revolves around trying to lessen the symptoms of the skin condition by removing scaling and reducing the dryness of the skin. There are some recommended ways in which scaling can be reduced in the skin; the ways include the following:

  • Soaking the affected area of the skin in saltwater or by bathing with saltwater.
  • Soaking the affected the area of the skin in lukewarm water and rubbing the affected area in a circular motion with a stone, preferably a pumice stone.
  • Use of moisturisers that contain some exfoliating agents like glycolic acid alpha hydroxyl acid, salicylic acid etc.
  • Removing scaling on the scalp by carefully brushing washed hair.
  • Oral vitamin-A based medications for extreme cases of skin conditions.
  • Avoiding very cold or dry environments
  • Develop the habit of using a humidifier
  • Short showers and bath
  • Using moisturisers three minutes after bath.

It is also important to talk to our skin dermatologist to properly guide you of ways on how to reduce the symptoms of ichthyosisVulgaris.