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How will I know if I have MCC?

MCC often manifests in the body as a rather large and obvious lump, a pimple or even a bug bite. Often, it can look shiny with visible blood vessels. The important thing to note is,

  • The colour: is it pink, blue, red or violet?
  • The texture: does it feel firm to the touch?
  • The expansion: does it grow, if yes, how fast?

You might want to note that it might not be in the form of a lump, it can be a patch as well. It might usually be rough and hardened, but it can be a patch nonetheless.

The most dangerous thing about the lump or patch is that it is often painless. Because no pain is felt, people who have it will pay no mind to it, and then it grows. Once there is an inexplicable lump or patch on your body, contact the nearest dermatologist in London near you.

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Positions of MCC in the body

MCC can appear anywhere in the body. It is mostly on the head or neck, with several lumps forming on the eyelids. It forms on any part of the body that receives lots of sunlight. This means it can be anywhere on the body such as the arms, the feet, the legs, genitals and buttocks. Presence of any lump on an unusual spot on the body calls for the attention of a dermatologist.

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