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Most dermatology clinics have attributed the cause of this disease to all kind of factors; the latest being a reaction to cosmetics products. In reality, Pityriasis Versicolor is as a result of the multiplication of a group of yeast fungus of the genus Malassezia.

This yeast is an integral part of the natural flora of the skin, which acts as a defence against diseases. But in certain situations, such as heat spikes, excessive perspiration, application of a greasy cream, the microflora proliferates rapidly and causes these small brown or white spots. This fungus is most common in summer when heat and humidity are high.

However, several dermatologists London research suggests that it can also occur in people who have weak immune system due to an illness or treatments administered. This disease is common in young adults and teenagers than kids. In kids, it’s wrongly diagnosed as a nappy rash when it appears around the genitals due to the similarity in their appearance, but their symptoms are quite different.