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Causes Of Seborrheic Keratoses

Who Can Be Infected?

This skin growth is visible on people with fair skin and a family history of seborrheic keratoses.

In medium to dark-skinned people, these skin growths do also occur. However, the growth tends to be small and appear around the eyes. If you have this issue, you need a good dermatologist for possible treatment. You’ll find one at Clearskin Clinic London.

Does It Happen During Pregnancy?

Some women during pregnancy or after estrogen replacement therapy can develop seborrheic keratosis.

Middle-aged people or older adults may develop this condition because it increases with age, but, children rarely develop it.

What’s The Cause Of Seborrheic Keratoses?

This disease has no known cause but, the following facts are clear:

  • That seborrheic keratosis may be inherent in family lineage – People could inherit the tendency to develop these growths
  • That too much exposure to sunlight is a contributing factor – Although these growths may be found on skin shaded from the sun, it is possible this might be true but, more investigation is needed.
  • Though seborrheic keratosis isn’t contagious – The growth could spread to other parts of the body because more of it develops with age

The best thing to do is a skin checkup to know whether you have the disease or not. Our Dermatology Clinic is an excellent place to start.

Diagnosis And Treatment Of Seborrheic Keratoses

How Can A Dermatologist Tell If A Person Is Infected With Seborrheic Keratoses?

At Clearskin London, our dermatologist can examine your skin to diagnose this disease.  Though seborrheic keratosis may resemble skin cancer sometimes, they will remove the growth and observe it under a microscope. This is a more accurate method of diagnosing the disease. So, if you have a skin growth, go check it out at our Dermatology Clinic  London.