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  1. Genital warts

This type of warts usually appears around the pubic region such as genitals, anus or even on the vagina. They appear like flesh-coloured growth, which are usually small in size and often mistaken for rashes. Most times, they are so tiny and difficult to see. They spread rapidly, first appearing like tiny clusters. At first, they are not painful but may cause itching or pain in the long run.

  1. Flat warts

This type of warts occurs in teens than in adults. Flat warts, just like the name implies, are flat and smooth. They usually appear on the face and extends to the legs and hands.

  1. Plantar warts

This type of warts usually appears in the form of tiny black dots around the soles of the feet. They are also flesh-coloured lumps with tiny coloured blood vessels.


The risk of warts is higher in people with a weak immune system. Most times, we come in contact with warts without even knowing due to their size. Sometimes they disappear on their own without treatment but in some cases stick around for a long time if nothing is done.

To reduce the risk of warts, follow the guideline outlined below

  • Avoid direct contact with people infected with warts
  • Don’t scratch or pick warts so they won’t spread to other parts of the body
  • Wash your hands with antiseptic when you realise you have touched warts
  • Don’t bite or suck fingers with warts on them
  • Cover warts with plaster to avoid people touching it
  • Don’t share clothes or towels with someone infected with warts
  • Don’t walk barefooted to reduce the risk of plantar rash



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Paul Blackwell (Patient Review)

Paul Blackwell

5 months ago


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Shirley Miller (Patient Review)

Shirley Miller

11 months ago